Facebook's New "Voice" Feature and Bugs in SharePress

Wah, wah. We really hate having to write updates like these. Facebook released a really cool feature, but it's causing some SharePress users to see nasty error messages.

Recently Facebook released a feature helpful to marketers and others who manage Facebook Pages on behalf of their businesses. It's called "Voice," and it makes it much easier for you to switch between posting as your Facebook Page and posting as yourself.

For most people this is going to be a godsend. Personally I've always struggled with the way Facebook was defaulting to the Pages I managed when posting there (or when replying to the stories that show up in my personal feed), especially since I administrate Pages for multiple businesses, and have multiple identities.

For some of our SharePress users, however, this has been a bit of a nightmare. For the time being, anyway, if you change your "Voice" on Facebook to be your own, and not your Page - a choice which Facebook remembers between sessions - then SharePress will fail to post to your Page, instead reporting an error message like the following

SharePress Error: (#240) Requires a valid user is specified (either via the session or via the API parameter for specifying the user.; while sending "..."


We've opened a bug ticket with Facebook to report this problem. Hopefully they'll have it fixed up soon. In the meantime, there's an easy fix you can do yourself. Just go to your Facebook Page and change the Voice back to your Page. And may the force be with you.

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