What Are the Best Practices For Using SharePress With Multisite WordPress (WordPress MU)

To use SharePress with WordPress Multisite, you need a developer's license.

Often times managing multiple WordPress-powered websites can be made easier by taking full advantage of a feature of WordPress that supports hosting multiple sites with a single installation of the software. This feature of WordPress called "Multisite" (formerly "WordPress MU") is a godsend to most WordPress developers.

We built SharePress to be compatible with WordPress Multisite. There are just a few things you need to do to simplify a SharePress MU installation and to maximize your users' experience.

Step 1: Move the config file

Copy the file sharepress/sharepress-mu.php into your site's wp-content/mu-plugins folder.

Step 2: Edit the config file

Open that file in your favorite editor, and read the configuration instructions.

Anything we missed?

If you're having trouble running SharePress in a Multisite installation, or if you've found some other awesome trick to making it an even better fit, please let us know.