We write remarkable software for the web.

Fat Panda is an agile Web and mobile software development company in Winchester, VA. We specialize in PHP and JavaScript based apps, and WordPress.

We are the developers of SharePress and Facebook Comments.

Fat Panda is...

Aaron Collegeman

Fat Panda Founder and Lead Developer

Coder, proud husband and father: Aaron has been writing software for the Web since 1998. He's worked in telecommunications, private education, US government at every level, and most recently, in the world of start-ups at Squidoo.

Joey Blake

Developer, Chief of Kick-ass

This face is the last thing a problem sees, before it ceases to exist. Joey Blake has been solving puzzles from the browser to the server and everywhere in between since 2003. He regularly sharpens his skills working on Squidoo. And occasionally he'll post a solution to a problem he's found on codenimbus.com.

John Mangino

Video Production Ninja

John moved into web work in 2005. He has worked in Radio, Systems Administration and, most recently, online education with VTC.com. Don't miss his Podcast, Revenge of the Fanboy!.

Awesome folks who do great work and give great advice.

Corey Brown

Resident Godfather

Corey's ideas are behind some of our best products (SharePress included). He's been creating engaging, profitable presences on the web since 1995.

When he's not running Squidoo, Corey's writing content, writing code, studying traffic statistics, inspiring his peers, and running No Treble - the home for bass players on the Web (more than 50,000 fans and counting!).

Josh Brown

Graphic Designer, Master of the Trombone

We work with Josh on various projects, most notably, Squidoo.

If it looks cool, Josh "made it so."

majosa (María José)

Graphic Designer

Majos designed our awesome logo.